Crunchy Parenting

Full- or Semi-hippie with kids? Get your 2 cents here. 

Secular Homeschooling

We have no idea what we're doing, but we are doing something. Find out what's working and what's... not. 

Hippie Parenting in Suburbia

Notes from suburbia on parenting two little ones + gardening, composting, herbal medicine and whatever else.

Pregnancy and Preparing for Baby

I wrote up all of my best suggestions on getting ready for baby - what to buy, what not to buy, diapers, slings, etc. 

Granola parenting in action

About Camille

Hi there. I’m Camille, crunchy kinda-hippie mom of 2 living in Northern Virginia. I have a full-time job teaching physiology to graduate students studying nutrition, herbal medicine and yoga therapy, and I homeschool the kids with the help of a local co-op.

I post about secular homeschooling with an unschooling slant, as well as general thoughts on parenting, crunchy living, and family life.

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